Make Pilates Part of your Antiviral Arsenal 

At a purely physical level Pilates is a great workout. At it's most powerful, Pilates is a great adaptogen to buffer the effect of the disruption we experience when not in the spontaneous flow of life. Left unattended these disruptions like stress, anxiety and depression, can gain momentum and suppress the immune system. The practice of Pilates from a whole body - whole health perspective, helps us recognize a symptom and respond accordingly.

Movement improves our immunity by strengthening these systems:

- Respiratory

- Musculoskeletal

- Circulatory

- Endocrine

- Lymphatic

- Nervous

As the Pilates Fitness Studio celebrates our 20th anniversary in the year 2020 we are all faced with new challenges. The studio has been closed since March 17th and has reopened based on guidelines set forth by Larimer County. These regulations are in place to help assure everyone's health and safety.

Here are the steps we have taken:

- The equipment has been rearranged to accommodate social distancing guidelines

- Thorough and ongoing cleaning and sanitization of the space

- Washing and sanitization of hands are required

- Face masks are required for everyone in the studio

- We've added a medical-grade air purifier



210 E Oak St Unit D
Fort Collins, CO 80524