Quality of Life. Functional Fitness. Longevity.

Healing is an inside job! As Pilates is taught from a bedrock of self-awareness, discerning the body, not as a machine that needs to be fixed and trained, but a living process, a verb not a noun, lends distinction to a human being as bio-intelligent that can; self-orient, self-regulate and self-heal. We all want to be our best self. Whatever activity we are undertaking, we want to perform with "spontaneous zest and pleasure" as Joseph Pilates said. This is available to everyone through "complete coordination of body, mind and spirit."

Once released to exercise by a doctor, we have worked with individuals to overcome the effects of:

- Joint Replacement

- Concussion and Brain Injury 

- Broken Bones

- Plantar Fasciitis 

- Pulled/ Torn Muscles

- Sciatica

- Hernia

- Bulging Discs

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Shin Splints

- Fusions

- Autoimmune Disorders