Transformational. Relational. Compatible.

Our 850 sq. foot studio is on the smaller size for a reason… Smaller class sizes leads to more individual attention, which means your specific needs are met during every session. Our fully equipped studio (Reformers, Wunda Chairs, Wall Towers, Pedipole, Jumpboards, Cadillac, High Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Magic Circles, and a plethora of props) paired with our expert instruction allows you to experience Pilates in its most complete form. Anything is a possibility: An endless combination of equipment and action as your personal Pilates practice progresses.

Below are some unique resources available at our studio.



The Arcus has arrived in Fort Collins!  Arcus is Latin for bow. You can find it at The Pilates Fitness Studio.
Certified Arcus Instructors Gary Calderone and Jeff Woodman provide you a unique movement experience, unlike anything else that would encourage freedom from movement limitations. This evolved piece of Pilates equipment is making its way around the world.  It was created by Trent McEntire, founder and director of McEntire Pilates and president of the Pilates Method Alliance for 7 years.


Your relationship with gravity is inevitable and often misunderstood. You experience it lying down, sitting, kneeling and standing. Why not partner with this natural force? Let us help you experience how the Gravity Mat can assist your optimal performance!


Joseph Pilates said "It is the mind itself that shapes the body." Today, neuroplasticity refers to the ability of the brain to change continuously throughout an individuals life. The fun game of BrainSpeed Ball will improve your optimal performance.


210 E Oak St Unit D
Fort Collins, CO 80524