"The Pilates Fitness Studio is the spot in Fort Collins for expert Pilates instruction. They have a great mix of classical and cutting edge equipment. The best part is that Jeff makes doing Pilates fun and educational! Check these guys out"

"Great space, equipment in tip top shape"

“Pilates has changed my life! Physically and mentally. My body is long, improved my rock climbing and my overall sense of well-being!”

"Following my second hip replacement (right hip) in August of 2015 I was not happy with my body. Every time I stepped on my right foot I felt as though I was stepping into a hole. My left foot felt dead and my whole body was suffering. Gary showed up when I was deeply in need and offered to help me through this affliction with weekly sessions.
The outcome of our work together enlivened my innate healing capacity, which otherwise would have remained dormant from the surgeries. The capacity I received from Gary is instilled through an awareness of self I was unfamiliar with. The chart I now have hanging in my studio represents the Pilates journey I took to that end. It is this body of work Gary teaches as a protégé of Wendy Lebanc-Arbuckle, a world class colleague of ours who has enriched the work and vision of Joseph Pilates and is internationally respected as a “Teacher of teachers”.
Wendy is the Foreword Author of Gary’s award-winning book, The Pilates Path to Health: Body, Mind, and Spirit. Together, Gary and I began to unravel the things that were in my way. After a while I wasn’t stepping into a hole and my left foot was waking up. As soon as I let go of resistance and gradually noticed doing less and feeling more, my body was reminded of its’ innate potential to move in ways once inhibited.
I have more swagger less stagger and turned a stumbling block into a stepping stone. I began to ‘return to life’. It is with deep gratitude that I recommend his work to you. If you want to relieve yourself of life long patterns that don’t serve you, or your Pilates practice, please indulge yourself in these 30 minute sessions"

“Love Pilates. Pilates has made me more aware of how my body feels and moves, and that's a wonderful feeling. Pilates has made me stronger and more flexible, as well as more confident in my daily life.”

"Pilates demands me to focus. The personal instruction helps me pay careful attention to my body and breathing. I can leave my "daily stresses" at the door and selfishly take care of me.”

"August of 2015 was the date of the compound break of my fibula, and ankle dislocation. To date, the most severe break I've incurred. A plate was put in bridging the fracture in the fibula, and connecting it to the tibia, in order to re-establish the ankle joint. At 48 years old, everything I had heard about recovery was about the body's slowing down of the healing process.
I was about 10 years into my Pilates practice, which had been very helpful in my day to day managing of fatigue from endurance cycling and running. This injury was a new challenge, and required a more in depth approach to heal. Rather than aspiring to make a "shape" or "movement", my journey turned inward, with the help of Gary, to develop a "felt sense" of what was happening as I moved.
The work we focused on was based on integrating movement from head to foot, looking for queues from within the body to initiate movement, rather than focusing on the external shape I made. The biggest benefit was a personal awareness developed around the way I held tension in my body, and how to change and work with it.
There have been many "aha" moments with Pilates for me, one of the first came as I deepened my mat practice, and realized that there was nothing I needed outside of my body, and a spot on the ground to practice. This was something that felt like " mine"- I could do it anywhere.
The biggest epiphany however, was using thought and feeling in my mind and body to have the movements interconnected.  The work around domes, and integration of movement from foot to head has been so informative that I reside in the place of balance and harmony in my body more often than before, and with a sense of how to get back there, when things shift. My recovery continues, and I feel more whole, and able, than ever."

 “This type of private brings a level of awareness unfounded in the path it provides to understanding yourself! The inner connections you can discover are remarkable! Every half hour private I have with Gary provides added insight that refines the Pilates form and heightens the attainment of my personal fitness goals. Indispensable!”

“Having a half-hour private session with Gary really allows me to focus in on one aspect of myself that ties the bigger picture of Pilates together. This best serves my personal growth and health needs. As I gain a greater understanding of how my body can feel, when I am aware and correctly aligned―then I'm moving easily, efficiently, and able to carry that ‘felt sense’ with me into other Pilates classes, as well as moving in my everyday life. What is distinct about my sessions with Gary is the valuable quality of attention which is given and received in that time frame. It feels good to take this nugget of self-awareness and renewed feeling forward into my week.”

“I started doing Pilates a few years ago to increase my overall fitness and muscle tone Pilates has given me that, as well as a greater sense of well-being, spine flexibility and core strength. Pilates translates into an increased ability to do the everyday things of life!”



210 E Oak St Unit D
Fort Collins, CO 80524